LAFON will support you on your energies storage, dispensing and management projects.


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More than 30 years of experience, the original manufacturing and design of the valve has made it an unrivalled product on the international market.

The quality and reliability of LAFON productions and their technological advancements ensure that by using them, you install reliable and safe equipment in petroleum environments.


It is indispensible when using a fuel dispenser in case the fuel is stored in above-ground tanks. It helps in preventing the accidental draining of the tank due to an overload of the degasser. Maximum liquid column: 6 m. Flow rate of up to 5 m3/h. Possibility of having 2 anti-siphon valves working in parallel, in order to double the permitted flow rate. It is equipped with a set of DN40 counter-flanges, which help in setting it up on the installation.


The secured valve is installed at the foot of the fuel dispenser, on top of the dripping retention tank. It prevents the product contained in the vacuum piping from re-entering the tank, and therefore prevents pollution in case of a leakage. With a test plug, it offers the possibility of carrying out tests on the volumeter upstream and downstream. Without the test plug, only the anti-return function is ensured. In the case of Global Star or Global Century, it is recommended to use the Dresser Wayne 350 mm inlet sleeve - triangular flange (reference 03831245)..


The angle check valve the unpriming of the fuel dispenser in the case of underground or above-ground tanks. It is installed on the manhole plate of the tank. The vacuum tube is screwed directly on top of the female threading of the check valve.

  • Compliance with the European standards or directives in force
  • Innovative products and a complete range of peripheral equipment
  • Highly reliable and long-lasting

  • Non return filling valve
  • Anti-siphon valve
  • Multifunction dispenser foot valve
  • Angle check valve

  • Petroleum companies
  • Malls
  • Installers


Non return filling valveAnti siphon valveFiche produit clapet multifonctionLAFON Check valvesLAFON Check valves

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